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Opens' Results

19th August - Seniors Open (9 Hole Non Qualifying)

50 to 65:
1st: John Hayes(10) 21pts

66 and Over:
1st: Hugh Tuckey(23) 24pts

15th August - Men's Open Stableford (Sponsor: Hugh Devlin Cycling & Angling Store)

Winner: Wayne Lamb(4) 41pts
Second: Ian Fraher(19) 40pts

Gross: Niall Bagnall(4) 35pts

Div 1: Anthony Cunningham(7) 39pts
Div 2: Tony Redmond(15) 39pts
Div 3: Rory Kelly(29) 35pts

CSS: 72

12th August - Seniors Open

Under 50:
1st: Ciaran McKenna(14) 47pts

50 to 65:
1st: Noel Falvey(21) 42pts
2nd: Robert Murphy(16) 40pts

66 and Over:
1st: Jack McCabe(22) 40pts
2nd: Ian Fraher(19) 39pts

CSS: 70

8th August - Men's Open Stableford (Sponsor: Specsavers)

Winner: Jonathon Fitzpatrick(4) 39pts
Second: Vincent Conroy(5) 39pts

Gross: Wayne Sheehan(2) 36pts

Div 1: John Gallagher(11) 38pts
Div 2: Pat McPartlan(16) 35pts
Div 3: Tom Clarke(17) 38pts

CSS: 72

7th August - Bunnies

1st: Tony Hamilton(23) 35pts
2nd: Allan Parker(23) 32pts
3rd: Paddy Donnelly(25) 31pts (B9)

1st: Pat Forde(17) (31-1) 30pts
2nd: Pat McGrath(16) (28-1) 27pts

5th August - Festival Weekend Open Singles Stableford (Sponsor: KMR Catering - Karl & Mary Rogers)

Ladies Competition
Winner: Evelyn Tolan(10) 38pts
Second: Marie White(24) 37pts

CSS: 73

5th August - Festival Weekend Open Singles Stableford (Sponsor: KMR Catering - Karl & Mary Rogers)

Mens Competition
Winner: Dave Brabazon(3) 41pts
Second: Aidan Whelan(20) 39pts
Third: Damien White(18) 39pts

Gross: Liam Rooney(4) 34pts

Div 1: John Fitzpatrick(6) 39pts
Div 2: David Mulvaney(13) 37pts
Div 3: Kieron Vickers(18) 39pts

CSS: 72

4th August - Festival Weekend Open Singles Stableford (Sponsor: Pelco - Dave Noone)

Ladies Competition
Winner: Marie White(27) 44pts
Second: Marion Behan(23) 38pts

CSS: 72

4th August - Festival Weekend Open Singles Stableford (Sponsor: Pelco - Dave Noone)

Mens Competition
Winner: Gary O'Reilly(17) 41pts
Second: Frank Mongey(28) 40pts
Third: Paul Redmond(10) 38pts

Gross: Paul Cox(7) 32pts

Div 1: Mark Meade(7) 37pts
Div 2: Karl Mulvey(12) 37pts
Div 3: Padraig Faughnan(17) 38pts

CSS: 72

3rd August - Festival Weekend Open Singles Stableford (Sponsor: Andrews SPAR - Gerry & Melanie Andrews)

Mens Competition
Winner: Tommy Sheil(16) 42pts
Second: Dean McGarry(2) 41pts
Third: Matt Dunn(24) 41pts

Gross: Thomas Doran(4) 35pts

Div 1: Anthony Cunningham(8) 39pts
Div 2: Michael Power(14) 39pts
Div 3: Allan Legge(21) 39pts

CSS: 72

3rd August - Festival Weekend Open Singles Stableford (Sponsor: Andrews SPAR - Gerry & Melanie Andrews)

Ladies Competition
Winner: Patricia Rooney(28) 37pts
Second: Mary Rowley(26) 37pts

CSS: 73

2nd August - Festival Weekend Open Mixed Scramble

Winners: P. Masterson, R. Tolan, F. Carey & C. O'Grady (H/cap 10) 55
Second: S. Tracey, E. Tracey, S. Coffey & F. Shaw (H/cap 6) 57

2nd August - Festival Weekend Open Singles Stableford

Winner: Joe Fanning(8) 39pts
Second: Barry Gosson(14) 37pts

CSS: 74

1st August - Men's Open Stableford (Sponsor: REA Cumisky)

Winner: Ian O'Connell(2) 41pts
Second: Eoin O'Donoghue(13) 41pts

Gross: Wayne Sheehan(2) 36pts

Div 1: Darragh Callaghan(4) 38pts
Div 2: John McCluskey(16) 38pts
Div 3: Oliver Adamson(21) 38pts

CSS: 72

29th July - Seniors Open

50 to 64:
1st: Freddie Healy(9) 40pts
2nd: Raymond McCabe(12) 37pts

65 plus:
1st: Michael Lynam(23) 39pts
2nd: Gerry Quinn(16) 38pts B3

CSS: 70 (Members), 71 (Visitors)

25th July - Men's Open Stableford (Legal & General Investment Management - Richard Kelly)

Winner: Paul Ward(13) 44pts
Second: Paul Hennigan(10) 39pts

Gross: Tony Healy(2) 35pts

Div 1: Adrian Browne(10) 37pts
Div 2: Jim Behan(14) 38pts
Div 3: Liam Prout(18) 34pts

CSS: 73

24th July - Bunnies

1st: Pat Keogh(27) 35pts
2nd: Allan Legge(21) 32pts (B6)
3rd: Ivon Keeling(22) 32pts (B6)

1st: Noreen Keeling(11) 22pts

1st: Eamon O'Brien(13) 33pts
2nd: Pat McGrath(16) 29pts

22nd July - Seniors Open

Under 50s:
1st: Barry Archer(13) 34pts

50 to 64:
1st: John Scully(10) 38pts
2nd: Cathal Hickey(18) 37pts

65 plus:
1st: David Ryan(26) 39pts (B9)
2nd: John Gallagher(12) 39pts

CSS: 71(Members), 73 (Visitors)

18th July - Men's Open Stableford (Sponsor: Maxol Lubricants - Paul Ward)

Winner: Tony Regan(23) 41pts
Second: Joey Hughes(13) 41pts

Gross: Ross Halligan(6) 34pts

Div 1: Ian Reynolds(10) 38pts
Div 2: Padraic Glavey(13) 38pts
Div 3: Denis O'Hora(21) 35pts

CSS: 72

15th July - Seniors Open

50 to 64:
1st: John Fitzpatrick(5) 38pts
2nd: David Cassidy(10) 36pts (B9)

65 plus:
1st: Barry Kenna(20) 41pts
2nd: Christy Harford(20) 40pts

CSS: 70

14th July - Senior & Junior Scratch Cup (Sponsor: gallenalliance - John Gallen)

Senior Scratch Cup
Winner: Jack McDonell(-2) 64+76 = 140
Second: Arron Edwards-Hill(-4) 74+68 = 142
Third: Keith Murphy(-1) 72+75 = 147

Net: Pierse Kiernan(3) 72+73 = 145

First 18: Darren McCormack(-2) 73
Second 18: Conor Murtagh(0) 73

Junior Scratch Cup
Winner: Jake Vickers(4) 78+74 = 152
Second: Quentin Hughes(5) 74+81 = 155
Third: Philip Smith(4) 80+77 = 157

Net: Donard McClean(5) 73+75 = 148

First 18: Darren Healy(6) 78
Second 18: Gerald D. Gallen(4) 76

CSS Round 1: Members: 75, Visitors: 75
CSS Round 2: Members: 75, Visitors: 75

11th July - Men's Open Stableford (Sponsor: Feltrim Construction)

Winner: Peter Slevin(7) 39pts
Second: Paul Black(12) 39pts

Gross: Dan Hughes(1) 35pts

Div 1: Quentin Hughes(5) 38pts
Div 2: Peter O'Rourke(12) 37pts
Div 3: Gary Boylan(23) 38pts

Juvenile: Rory Callaghan(18) 44pts

10th July - Bunnies' Captain (Mick McNulty) Prize

1st: Michael Flannery(27) 35pts
2nd: John Woodhead(23) 33pts
3rd: Andy Breen(23) 32pts (B9)
4th: Alan O'Neill(19) 32pts
5th: Sean Doogue(22) 30pts (B9)

1st: Marie White(28) 28pts

1st: Luke O'Flaherty(23) 36pts
2nd: Pat Forde(17) 32pts

Longest Drive: Andy Breen
Nearest the Pin: Derek Byrne

9th July - Ladies Open Singles Stableford (Sponsor: Tristar Travel - Tom & Maureen Walsh)

Winner: Yvonne Nolan(26) 44pts
Second: Orla Rooney(20) 40pts
Third: Ina Hudson(34) 40pts

Div 1: Noreen Keeling(12) 40pts
Div 2: Una Donnelly(23) 36pts
Div 3: Rita Browne(36) 40pts

CSS: 73

8th July - Seniors Open

Under 50s:
1st: Paul Black(12) 38pts

50 to 64:
1st: Sean Newcomen(22) 42pts

65 plus:
1st: Martin Doolin(22) 44pts
2nd: John Sheeran(27) 40pts

CSS: 71

7th July - Ladies Open Singles Stableford (Sponsor: Ace Express Freight) (Revised results)

Winner: Rose Kenna(39) 36pts
Second: Orla Rooney(20) 36pts
Third: Bernie Dugdale(15) 36pts
Fourth: Rachel McEvoy(13) 35pts

Div 1: Collette Guildea(12) 35pts
Div 2: Muriel Ennis(29) 34pts
Div 3: Emma Tracey(38) 34pts

CSS: 73

4th July - Men's Open Stableford (Sponsor: O'Connor Property Consultants)

Winner: Gerald D. Gallen(5) 40pts
Second: Barry Archer(13) 39pts

Gross: Darragh Callaghan(3) 35pts

Div 1: Donard McClean(5) 39pts
Div 2: Bobby Roche(14) 38pts
Div 3: Noel Falvey(21) 36pts

CSS: 72

2nd July - Ladies Open Scramble (Sponsor: OHSS - Deirdre Foran)

Winners: Carol Malone, Frances Shaw & Theresa Murphy    (H/C 9.125)    60.875
Second: Nicola Campbell, Anne McEvoy & Rachel McEvoy    (H/C 4.125)    63.875
Third: Evelyn Tolan, Denise Moran & Orla Rooney    (H/C 5.5)    64.5
Fourth: Marion Benton, Geraldine McNally & Maureen Moore    (H/C 9.75)     66.25

1st July - Seniors Open

Under 50s:
1st: Dean Mulligan(10) 37pts (Visitor)

50 to 64:
1st: John Archbold(14) 38pts
2nd: John Hayes(11) 38pts

65 plus:
1st: Robert Reynolds(16) 40pts (Visitor)
2nd: Frank Bissette(30) 36pts

CSS: 70
CSS: 73 (Visitors)

27th June - Men's Open Stableford (Sponsor: Ace Express Freight)

Winner: Peter Slevin(9) 44pts
Second: John Cody(6) 38pts

Gross: John Fitzpatrick(5) 31pts

Div 1: Pat Roban(9) 37pts
Div 2: Paul Marry(12) 36pts
Div 3: Aidan Whelan(20) 36pts

CSS: 73

26th June - Bunnies

1st: Christy Harford(21) 31pts (B9)
2nd: Alan Legge(21) 31pts (B9)
3rd: Tony Hamilton(23) 31pts (B9)

1st: Noreen Keeling(12) 27pts

1st: Luke O'Flatherty(23) 30pts (B9)
2nd: Fran Finnegan(17) 30pts

25th June - Ladies Open Singles Stableford (Sponsor: Jack Fitzsimons)

Winner: Frances Newcomen(26) 39pts
Second: Helen Tarrant(21) 36pts
Third: Sandy Forsyth(13) 35pts

Gross: Lorna Fitzsimons(7) 28pts

Front 9: Bernadette Corcoran(31) 21pts
Back 9: Frances Whelan(23) 19pts

CSS: 73

24th June - Seniors Open

50 to 64:
1st: John Hayes(11) 38pts
2nd: David Byrne(11) 37pts

65 plus:
1st: Richard McGovern(6) 40pts
2nd: John Flannery(17) 37pts

CSS: 72

20th June - Men's Open Stableford (Sponsor: Extraspace Solutions)

Winner: Peter O'Rourke(12) 42pts
Second: Derek Harrison(8) 41pts

Gross: Darren McCormack(-2) 40pts

Div 1: Gavin McEvoy(11) 39pts
Div 2: Julian McMenamin(12) 39pts
Div 3: Sean Doogue(23) 37pts

CSS: 72

17th June - Seniors Open

Under 50:
1st: David Sheridan(14) 37pts

50 to 64:
1st: John Hayes(10) 33pts
2nd: Christopher Reid(9) 33pts

65 plus:
1st: Bill Whitney(18) 38pts
2nd: John Gallagher(12) 38pts

CSS: 72

13th June - Men's Open Stableford (Sponsor: Outdoorliving - Pat Kelly)

Winner: James Carew(9) 40pts
Second: Paul Davis(14) 40pts

Gross: Dave Brabazon(4) 35pts

Div 1: Mark Farrell(7) 39pts
Div 2: Tom Buggle(13) 39pts
Div 3: Francis Finnegan(18) 39pts

CSS: 72

11th June - Ladies Open Fourball

1st: Patricia Rooney(25) & Teresa Murphy(31) 45pts
2nd: Brenda Craig(8) & Aine Derham(13) 44pts CB
3rd: Orla Rooney(17) & Helen Tarrant(19) 44pts

10th June - Seniors Open - Revised Results

50 to 64:
1st: John Hayes(11) 39pts
2nd: Tony Hamilton(23) 36pts

65 plus:
1st: Christy Harford(21) 38pts
2nd: Ian Fraher(19) 37pts

CSS: 71

6th June - Men's Open Stableford (Sponsor: Ivon & Noreen Keeling)

Winner: Karl Heffernan(14) 39pts
Second: Kevin Tuite(26) 37pts

Gross: Jake Vickers(4) 32pts

Div 1: Barry Callaghan(6) 36pts
Div 2: Derek Stubbins(13) 36pts
Div 3: Gary Dunne(24) 35pts

CSS: 72

3rd June - Festival Weekend - Singles Stableford (Sponsor: Ingenio Consulting - Robert Magee)

Winner: Kieran Campbell(11) 40pts
Second: Richard Whelan(6) 39pts

Gross: Finbar Whelan(3) 33pts

Div 1: Paul Marry(11) 33pts
Div 2: Ian Bracken(16) 34pts
Div 3: Declan Keane(27) 35pts

CSS: 74

2nd June - Festival Weekend - Fourball (Sponsor: Dorian Black - Frank & Cathy Coghlan)

Winner: D Brabazon & P Sullivan 45pts
Second: J McKenna & D McClean 43pts
Third: B Archer & P Ward 42pts

Winner: Amanda Williams(13) & Rachel McEvoy(12) 41pts (C/B)
Second: Teresa Murphy(31) & Madge O'Dwyer(21) 41pts

1st June - Festival Weekend - Singles Stableford (Sponsor: PGA Professional Nigel Howley)

Winner: Gerard Gallen(5) 43pts
Second: Tony Healy(3) 41pts
Third: Greg Lewis Snr (14) 41pts

Gross: Dave Brabazon(4) 34pts

Div 1: John Cody(6) 39pts
Div 2: Colm Lawless(13) 39pts
Div 3: Francis Finnegan(18) 38pts

CSS: 72

Winner: Amanda Williams(14) 37pts
Second: Catherine Kiernan(13) 36pts

CSS: 73

31st May - Festival Weekend - Mixed Scramble (Sponsor: Andrews SPAR - Gerry & Melanie Andrews)

Winner: P. Roban / N. Roban / J. Ennis / P. Redmond (8) 59.5
Second: J. McConnell / P. Kinsella / E. McConnell / E. Kinsella (5) 60.7

30th May - Men's Open Stableford

Winner: Ger O'Donoghue(12) 39pts
Second: Jake Vickers(4) 39pts

Gross: Stephen Tracey(6) 30pts

Div 1: Keith McNally(8) 37pts
Div 2: Con O'Connor(12) 34pts
Div 3: Kevin Tuite(28) 39pts

CSS: 73

29th May - Bunnies

1st: Noel Healy(26) 28(-2)pts
2nd: Christy Harford(21) 25pts
3rd: Michael Flannery(27) 24pts

1st: P.J. Conway
2nd: Tommy Pullen

28th May - Pink Day Open

Winner: Marian Griffin, Evelyn Clinton & Imelda O'Shea (3⅞) 65⅛
Second: Anne McEvoy, Anna Hannon & Olive Campbell (7⅜) 68⅝
Third: Frances Shaw, Sinead Walshe & Melaine Andrews (7⅜) 69⅝
Fourth: Deirdre Foran, Jude Ennis & Muriel Ennis (8¾) 70¼

Nearest the Pin: Marian Griffin
Longest Drive: Frances Shaw

Winner: Peter Slevin, Padraig Masterson & Quentin Hughes (2⅛) 56⅞
Second: Ken Moss, Martin Nolan & Padraig Glavey (4¼) 58¾
Third: Alan Williams, Matt Dunn & Barry Archer (7½) 59½
Fourth: Paul Redmond, Paul Davis & Garrett Arbuthnot (4⅝) 60⅜

Nearest the Pin: Ken Moss
Longest Drive: Barry Archer

27th May - Seniors Open

50 to 64:
1st: Luigi Vettraino(28) 41pts

65 plus:
1st: Francis Finnegan(18) 32pts

CSS: 73 (R/O)

26th May - Intermediate Scratch Cup

Winner: Hugh Fitzsimons(11) 85
Second: Paul Black(12) 86
Third: Gavin McEvoy(11) 87

Winner: Niall Brady(13) 74
Second: Rob Buggle(13) 75

CSS: 76

26th May - Minor Scratch Cup

Winner: Paddy Murphy(19) 97

Winner: Garry Dunne(24) 76

CSS: 76

23rd May - Men's Open Stableford (Sponsor: Specsavers)

Winner: Dean McGarry(3) 40pts
Second: Derek Crowley(15) 39pts

Gross: Barry Wilde(4) 36pts

Div 1: Quentin Hughes(5) 39pts
Div 2: Michael Hough(15) 38pts
Div 3: Brian Kenny(24) 37pts

CSS: 72

20th May - Seniors Open

50 to 64:
1st: Sean Newcomen(23) 40pts
2nd: John Keogh(18) 36pts

65 plus:
1st: Pat White(21) 37pts
2nd: Francis Finnegan(18) 35pts

CSS: 70

19th May - Lions Open

Winner: Martin Nolan(12) 41pts
Second: Frank Coghlan(15) 41pts

Gross: Michael Baumgart(4) 36pts

Div 1: John Fitzpatrick(5) 39pts
Div 2: Paul Redmond(12) 41pts
Div 3: Paul Donnelly(18) 38pts

CSS: 72

Winner: Marian Griffin(11) 41pts
Second: Rachel McEvoy(14) 40pts
Third: Catherine Ryan(35) 40pts

CSS: 74

16th May - Men's Open Stableford (Sponsor: Member)

Winner: Donal Power(11) 38pts
Second: Gerry Quinn(14) 36pts

Gross: Dean McGarry(3) 29pts

Div 1: Pat Roban(10) 35pts
Div 2: Terry Rooney(14) 34pts
Div 3: Pat White(22) 35pts

Front 9: George Leech(10) 20pts
Back 9: Declan Kelly(24) 19pts

CSS: 75

13th May - Seniors Open

50 to 64:
1st: John Hayes(11) 35pts
2nd: John Curran(15) 33pts

65 plus:
1st: Vincent Garland(24) 39pts
2nd: Christy Harford(21) 35pts

CSS: 73

9th May - Men's Open Stableford (Sponsor: Moneycorp)

Winner: Seamus Ward(5) 36pts
Second: Richie McGovern(6) 35pts

Gross: Frank Melia(5) 29pts

Div 1: Daniel Eames(5) 35pts Visitor
Div 2: Bobby Roche(13) 32pts
Div 3: Kevin Tuite(28) 34pts

CSS: 74

6th May - Bank Holiday Open (Sponsor: The Monaghan Family - Garrett Monaghan)

Winner: Martin Casey(20) 44pts
Second: John O'Shea (10) 40pts

Gross: Tony Healy(3) 34pts

Div 1: Tony Healy Jnr(11) 38pts
Div 2: Richard Moore(12) 37pts
Div 3: Kevin Tuite(28) 37pts

CSS: 72

Ladies Competition
Winner: Bernie Hunt(13) 40pts
Second: Teresa Murphy(33) 36pts

CSS: 73

3rd May - BGC Classic

Winners: Amanda Williams, Alan Williams, Jeud Ennis & Paul Redmond 90pts
Second: Rory Slevin, Peter Slevin, James Roche & Mark Farrell 89pts
Third: Ivan Keeling, Noreen Keeling, Imelda O’Shea & Bill Whitney 86pts

2nd May - Men's Open Stableford

Winner: Alan McDermott(6) 44pts
Second: Matthew Murray(7) 38pts

Gross: Chris Farrell(2) 34pts

Div 1: Ken Moss(10) 37pts
Div 2: Martin Cummins(12) 38pts
Div 3: Ivon Keeling(22) 36pts

CSS: 72

29th April - Seniors Open

Men's Competition:

Under 50
No Competition

50 to 64:
1st: Sean Newcomen(14) 40pts
2nd: Liam Adams(9) 40pts

65 plus:
1st: Vincent Garland(26) 40pts
2nd: Michael Marsh(15) 36pts

CSS: 71

25th April - Men's Open Stableford (Sponsor: Reeltech - Toro Machinery)

Winner: Barry Callaghan(6) 39pts
Second: Wayne Lambe(3) 38pts

Gross: Darren McCormack(-1) 35pts

Div 1: Stephen Caraher(10) 37pts
Div 2: Paul Ward(12) 35pts
Div 3: Aidan Morrissey(22) 36pts

CSS: 73

24th April - Bunnies

1st: Mick McNulty(24) 25pts (B6)
2nd: Kevin Blessing(29) 25pts
3rd: Sean McCormack(19) 24pts

1st: Tommy Pullen(24) 28pts
2nd: Michael Marsh(14) 25pts

22nd April - Bank Holiday Open - (Sponsor: T.C. Matthews Carpets)

Men's Competition:

1st: Pat White(24) 41pts
2nd: Jake Vickers(5) 38pts

Gross: Dean McGarry(4) 34pts

Div 1: Eddie McGrath(8) 36pts
Div 2: Christopher Donnelly(13) 38pts
Div 3: Derek Meaney(21) 36pts

CSS: 73

Ladies' Competition:

1st: Maureen Moore(21) 34pts
2nd: Jean McDonough(26) 33pts

CSS: 75

18th April - Men's Open Stableford (Sponsor: Dublin Grass Machinery)

Winner: Ken Moss(11) 39pts
Second: Tony Hamilton(24) 37pts

Gross: Wayne Lambe(3) 32pts

Div 1: Joe Morris(6) 37pts
Div 2: Eamon O'Brien(13) 37pts
Div 3: Martin McCoy(21) 37pts

CSS: 73

11th April - Men's Open Stableford

Winner: Dave Brabazon(4) 40pts
Second: Terry Rooney(17) 39pts

Gross: Darren McCormack(-1) 36pts

Div 1: Mark Justice(3) 38pts
Div 2: Gavin Blake(15) 34pts
Div 3: Tony Hamilton(24) 35pts

CSS: 73

8th April - Seniors Open

Men's Competition:

Under 50
1st: Domenico Aprile(9) 25pts

50 to 64:
1st: Richard Moore(11) 29pts
2nd: John Sheeran(27) 25pts

65 plus:
1st: Kevin Blessing(29) 26pts
2nd: Vincent Garland(25) 26pts

4th April - Men's Open Stableford

1st: Kilian Martin(19) 33pts
2nd: Anthony Cunningham(7) 33pts

CSS: 75 R/O

3rd April - Bunnies

1st: Noel Healy 22pts
2nd: Sean Doogue 20pts
3rd: Derek Byrne

1st: Frank Coughlan
2nd: Lam Mongey

1st April - Seniors Open

Men's Competition:

50 to 64:
1st: Martin Casey(21) 30pts
2nd: Noel Healy(26) 28pts

65 plus:
1st: Matt Ryan(16) 28pts
2nd: Martin McCoy(21) 26pts

28th March - Men's Open Stableford

1st: Donal Power(12) 40pts
2nd: Kieran Lynch(25) 39pts

Gross: Chris Farrell(2) 35pts

Div 1: Paul Cox(7) 36pts
Div 2: Alan Pigott(15) 36pts
Div 3: Terry Rooney(17) 37pts

25th March - Seniors Open

Men's Competition:

50 to 64:
1st: Matthew Brown(10) 26pts (B9)
2nd: Tony Hamilton(23) 26pts

65 plus:
1st: Christy Gunnery(23) 28pts
2nd: Christy Creely(30) 28pts

18th March - Bank Holiday Open - Sponsor: SuperValu

Men's Competition:

1st: Dean McGarry(4) 39pts
2nd: Colin O'Grady(15) 39pts

Gross: John Cody(5) 31pts

Div 1: Pat Roban(9) 37pts
Div 2: Enda McElvaney(17) 38pts
Div 3: Kieran Lynch(25) 38pts

Ladies' Competition:

1st: Sandy Forsyth(13) 39pts
2nd: Frances Shaw(7) 36pts

11th March - Seniors Open

Men's Competition:

50 to 64:
1st: Ger O'Donoghue(11) 27pts
2nd: Mick Geary(14) 25pts

65 plus:
1st: Padraig O'Connor(15) 27pts
2nd: John Woodhead(20) 24pts (B9)

4th March - Seniors Open

Men's Competition:

50 to 64:
1st: Noel Healy(26) 28pts

65 plus:
1st: Richard McGovern(5) 26pts

25th February - Seniors Open

Men's Competition:

50 to 64:
1st: John Curran(15) 21pts
2nd: Laurence McNally(21) 19pts

65 plus:
1st: John Woodhead(20) 19pts (B6)
2nd: Francis Finnegan(18) 19pts

18th February - Seniors Open

Men's Competition:

50 to 64:
1st: Maurice McNally(20) 28pts

65 plus:
1st: Tom Creely(19) 25pts (B9)
2nd: Padraig O'Connor(15) 25pts

11th February - Seniors Open

Men's Competition:

50 to 64:
1st: John McConnell(6) 25pts

65 plus:
1st: Michael Lynam(22) 27pts

4th February - Seniors Open

Men's Competition:

50 to 64:
1st: Ian Fraher(18) 27pts
2nd: Pat Roban(9) 24pts

65 plus:
1st: Martin McCoy(21) 26pts
2nd: Richard McGovern(5) 25pts

28th January - Seniors Open

Men's Competition:

50 to 64:
1st: Raymond McCabe(11) 26pts
2nd: Noel Healy(26) 24pts

65 plus:
1st: Francis Finnegan(18) 29pts
2nd: Kieran Lynch(25) 29pts

21st January - Seniors Open

Men's Competition:

50 to 64:
1st: Noel Healy(26) 24pts
2nd: Sean McCormack(19) 23pts

65 plus:
1st: Michael Lynam(22) 27pts
2nd: Kieran Lynch(25) 26pts

14th January - Seniors Open

Men's Competition:

50 to 64:
1st: Sean Newcomen(23) 29pts
2nd: Raymond McCabe(11) 27pts

65 plus:
1st: Kieran Lynch(25) 28pts
2nd: Francis Finnegan(18) 27pts

7th January - Seniors Open

Men's Competition:

50 to 64:
1st: Raymond Gannon(27) 26pts

65 plus:
1st: Damien White(17) 27pts