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16th June - Strokes

Winner: Lorna Fitzsimons(8) 70

CSS: 74

10th June - Strokes

Winner: Bernie Hunt(15) 73
Second: Catherine Guinan(28) 75 (B9)

CSS: 74

9th June - Stableford

Winner: Veronica Hamilton(27) 40pts
Second: Sandy Forsyth(15) 40pts
Third: Amanda Williams(13) 39pts

CSS: 73

5th June - Stableford

Winner: Maureen Moore(23) 43pts
Second: Helen Tarrant(22) 39pts
Third: Amanda Williams(13) 39pts

Div 1: Fiona Flanigan(20) 33pts
Div 2: Yvonne Nolan(24) 37pts
Div 3: Evelyn Flood(30) 37pts

CSS: 73

29th May - Scotch Foursomes

Winners: Muriel Ennis & Mariann Martin (Comb. H/C 29) 70
Second: Pauline Fraher & Mary Rowley (Comb. H/C 28) 72
Third: Doreen Daly & Esther McConnell (Comb. H/C 22) 73

26th May - Stableford

Winner: Helen Tarrant(23) 38pts
Second: Esther McConnell(21) 35pts

CSS: 74

22nd May - V Par

Winner: Anna Hannon(24) +4
Second: Renate Sheehan(36) +1
Third: Imelda O'Shea(11) +1

Div 1: Bernie Hunt(15) -2
Div 2: Joan Tully(24) +1
Div 3: Marian Benton(33) 0

CSS: 73

13th May - Stableford

Winner: Marie Garland(37) 38pts
Second: Jean McDonough(28) 32pts B9

CSS: 73

8th May - Skerries Exchange (Sponsor: Denis Harford)

Winners: Imelda O'Shea(11) Noreen Keeling(11) Sandy Forsyth(15)   68 pts
Second: Muriel Ennis(29) Marian Martin(30) Jeud Ennis(25)   64pts
Third: Mairead Finucane(30) Carol O'Byrne(35) Catherine Casey(36)   62pts (CB)

6th May - Medal (SSC Race#2)

Winner: Lorna Fitzsimons(8) 75
Second: Muriel Ennis(28) 77

CSS: 75

5th May - Stableford

Winner: Nicola Campbell(8) 35pts
Second: Helen Tarrant(22) 33pts B9

1st May - Lady Vice Captain's (Marie White) Prize

Winner: Sinead Walsh(19) 40pts
Second: Frances Newcomen(29) 39pts
Third: Noreen Keeling(12) 38pts

Gross: Lorna Fitzsimons(8) 24pts

Div 1:
First: Orla Sullivan(20) 34pts
Second: Elaine Kinsella(18) 34pts

Div 2:
First: Brenda Johnston(28) 37pts
Second: Grainne O'Connor(28) 34pts

Div 3:
First: Carol O'Byrne(35) 36pts
Second: Bernadette O'Gorman(30) 32pts

CSS: 75

29th April - Stableford

Winner: Muriel Ennis(30) 37pts
Second: Sandy Forsyth(14) 35pts
Third: Lorna Fitzsimons(8) 32pts

CSS: 76 (R/O)

28th April - Strokes

Winner: Amanda Williams(14) 77

CSS: 75

24th April - O2 Medal (SSC Race#1)

Winner: Lorna Fitzsimons(8) 77
Second: Evelyn Tolan(10) 78
Third: Maria Lindsay(29) 78

CSS: 76 (R/O)

22nd April - Stableford

Winner: Theresa Gannon(28) 32pts (B9)
Second: Esther McConnell(22) 32pts

21st April - Stableford

Winner: Lorna Fitzsimons(9) 36pts
Second: Noreen Keeling(12) 33pts

CSS: 75

17th April - Stableford

Winner: Noreen Keeling(12) 33pts
Second: Carol Malone(36) 32pts
Third: Jean McDonough(28) 32pts

14th April - Stableford

Winner: Maureen Moore(22) 38pts
Second: Elaine Kinsella(18) 32pts

8th April - Stableford

Winner: Veronica Hamilton(27) 40pts
Second: Esther McConnell(22) 33pts

7th April - Stableford

Winner: Geraldine McNally(24) 37pts
Second: Ann Brennan(26) 31pts

3rd April - Australian Spoons Scotch Foursomes

Winners (Nett): G. McNally & M. Moore (H/C 23) 71

Winners (Gross): C. Malone & N. Keeling (H/C 24) 98

31st March - Foursomes

Winners: Amanda Williams & Theresa Gannon (Combined H/C 20.5) 80.5

25th March - Easter Bonanza

Winners: Amanda Williams(13) Maura Faughnan(20) Geraldine McNally(24) Cathy Coghlan(29)   89 pts
Second: Lorna Fitzsimons(8) Orla Sullivan(20) Jeud Ennis(25) Muriel Ennis(30)   88pts

24th March - Stableford

Winner: Catherine Ryan(35) 32pts
Second: Helen Tarrant(22) 32pts

13th March - Stableford

Winner: Orla Rooney(23) 20pts
Second: Barbara Kenny(15) 19pts

Div 1: Noreen Keeling(12) 18pts
Div 2: Esther McConnell(22) 17pts
Div 3: Teresa Murphy(34) 17pts

11th March - Hamper#4

Winner: Lorna Fitzsimons(8) 33pts (B9)

10th March - Captains' Drive-In Scramble (Ladies)
Winners: Nicola Campbell, Veronica Hamilton, Kitty Guinan & Bernie Corcoran (Comb. H/C: 9.3)   65.7

10th March - Captains' Drive-In Scramble (Mixed)
Winners: Keith Rooney, Terry Rooney, Mairead Finucane & Patricia Rooney (Comb. H/C: 10.3)   61.7
Second: John McConnell, Peter Sullivan, Esther McConnell & Orla Sullivan (Comb. H/C: 6)   62.0

6th March - Hamper

Winner: Una Donnelly(24) 21pts
Second: Carol Malone(36) 19pts
Third: Orla Rooney(23) 17pts

Ladies' 2018 Spring League Final: Scooby Doos -v- Daffy Ducks - to be played on Sunday, 18th March.

25th February - Stableford

Winner: Maureen Moore(22) 18pts CB
Second: Noreen Keeling(12) 18pts
Third: Sandy Forsyth(14) 17pts

24th February - Stableford

Winner: Geraldine McNally(24) 18pts CB
Second: Anna Hannon(24) 18pts
Third: Anne McEvoy(12) 17pts

20th February - Stableford

Winner: Noreen Keeling(12) 18pts
Second: Orla Rooney(23) 17pts

Div 1: Orla Sullivan(20) 16pts
Div 2: Jean McDonough(28) 17pts
Div 3: Carol Malone(36) 16pts

18th February - Stableford

Winner: Brenda Johnston(28) 20pts
Second: Carol Malone(36) 19pts

13th February - Stableford

Winner: Imelda O'Shea(11) 18pts
Second: Maureen Moore(22) 16pts

Div 1: Barbara Kenny(15) 15pts
Div 2: Joan Tully(23) 16pts
Div 3: Muriel Ennis(30) 15pts

11th February - Spring League

Winner: Muriel Ennis(30) 16pts B6
Second: Esther McConnell(22) 16pts B2
Third: Carol O'Byrne(35) 16pts

10th February - Spring League

Winner: Evelyn Tolan(10) 18pts B6
Second: Nicola Campbell(8) 18pts B6
Third: Maureen Moore(22) 18pts

6th February - Stableford

Winner: Joan Tully(23) 16pts
Second: Theresa Gannon(28) 15pts
Third: Mariann Martin(30) 14pts

4th February - Spring League

Winner: Esther McConnell(22) 20pts
Second: Jackie Clarke(25) 17pts
Third: Rachel McEvoy(13) 16pts CB

3rd February - Spring League

Winner: Barbara Kenny(15) 21pts
Second: Brenda Johnston(28) 18pts CB
Third: Maureen Moore(22) 18pts CB

30th January - Stableford

Winner: Evelyn Tolan(10) 19pts
Second: Jackie Clarke(25) 18pts
Third: Amanda Williams(13) 18pts

28th January - Spring League

Winner: Elaine Kinsella(18) 17pts
Second: Carol Malone(36) 16pts (CB)
Third: Barbara Kenny(15) 16pts (CB)

27th January - Spring League

Winner: Evelyn Tolan(10) 19pts
Second: Noreen Keeling(12) 18pts
Third: Barbara Kenny(15) 17pts

16th January - Stableford

Winner: Orla Sullivan(20) 19pts
Second: Sandy Forsyth(14) 18pts

14th January - Stableford

Winner: Evelyn Tolan(10) 20pts
Second: Rachel McEvoy(13) 19pts
Third: Imelda O'Shea(11) 17pts

13th January - Stableford

Winner: Sandy Forsyth(14) 19pts
Second: Noreen Keeling(12) 17pts

9th January - Stableford

Winner: Amanda Williams(13) 19pts
Second: Ann Brennan(26) 17pts

7th January - Stableford

Winner: Veronica Hamilton(27) 19pts

6th January - Stableford

Winner: Collette Guildea(12) 18pts
Second: Evelyn Tolan(10) 16pts