19th November - Stableford

Winner: Rachel McEvoy(13) 21pts
Second: Veronica Hamilton(28) 19pts
Third: Mariann Martin(30) 17pts (B6)

18th November - Stableford

Winner: Ann Brennan(26) 19pts (Coin toss)
Second: Evelyn Tolan(10) 19pts
Third: Esther McConnell(22) 18pts (B6)

14th November - Stableford

Winner: Geraldine McNally(25) 27pts
Second: Jackie Clarke(26) 25pts
Third: Barbara Kenny(15) 24pts (B6)

12th November - Stableford

Winner: Esther McConnell(22) 16pts (B6)
Second: Margaret Ryan(30) 16pts
Third: Mairead Finnucane(30) 15pts (B6)

11th November - Stableford

Winner: Sandy Forsyth(14) 23pts
Second: Barbara Kenny(15) 20pts (B6)
Third: Amanda Williams(13) 20pts

7th November - Stableford (Amended results)

Winner: Barbara Kenny(15) 24pts (B9)
Second: Mary Halligan(36) 24pts

Div 1: Sinead Walsh(19) 22pts
Div 2: Jean McDonough(28) 22pts
Div 3: Beatrice Magee(32) 21pts

5th November - Stableford

Winner: Kathryn Copeland(35) 20pts
Second: Veronica Hamilton(28) 18pts
Third: Sandy Forsyth(14) 17pts B6

4th November - Stableford

Winner: Marion Behan(22) 20pts
Second: Gillian Whelan(13) 19pts
Third: Barbara Kenny(15) 18pts B6

31st October - Winter League (Final Day)

Winner: Maura Faughnan(20) 38pts
Second: Una Donnelly(24) 37pts
Third: Mary O'Neill(21) 37pts

CSS = 73

29th October - Winter League

Winner: Geraldine McNally(25) 35pts
Second: Maura Faughnan(20) 34pts

CSS = 74

28th October - Winter League

Winner: Bernie Hunt(14) 31pts
Second: Maura Faughnan(20) 29pts B9

CSS = 76 (R/O)

24th October - Winter League - Hamper

Winner: Imelda O'Shea(11) 37pts
Second: Evelyn Tolan(10) 35pts
Third: Jued Ennis(25) 35pts

CSS = 75

22nd October - Winter League#5

Winner: Maureen Moore(22) 35pts
Second: Rachel McEvoy(13) 35pts

CSS = 75

17th October - 9 Hole Stableford (Winter League)

Winner: Maureen Moore(11) 17pts
Second: Margaret Ryan(15) 17pts
Third: Bernie Hunt(7) 16pts

15th October - Winter League - Hamper

Winner: Helen Tarrant(22) 34pts
Second: Lorna Fitzsimons(8) 33pts

CSS = 76

14th October - Winter League#4

Winner: Imelda O'Shea(11) 35pts
Second: Elaine Kinsella(18) 33pts

CSS = 76

10th October - Winter League

Winner: Barbara Kenny(15) 37pts
Second: Evelyn Flood(31) 36pts
Third: Deirdre Foran(13) 35pts

CSS = 76

8th October - Winter League

Winner: Amanda Williams(14) 38pts
Second: Esther McConnell(22) 37pts
Third: Elaine Kinsella(19) 37pts

CSS = 74

3rd October - Winter League - Hamper

Winner: Sinead Walsh(21) 40pts
Second: Evelyn Tolan(10) 35pts
Third: Jacqueline Clarke(26) 35pts

Div 1: Collette Guildea(12) 32pts
Div 2: Anne Carton(29) 32pts
Div 3: Mariann Martin(30) 34pts

CSS = 75

1st October - Winter League

Winner: Lorna Fitzsimons(8) 34pts
Second: Collette Guildea(12) 33pts

CSS = 76 (R/O)

30th September - Winter League

Winner: Collette Guildea(12) 37pts
Second: Esther McConnell(22) 35pts

CSS = 73

26th September - Winter League

Winner: Bernie Hunt(15) 41pts
Second: Moya O'Connor(22) 37pts
Third: Frances Newcomen(30) 35pts

Div 1: Amanda Williams(13) 35pts
Div 2: Jacqueline Clarke(26) 34pts
Div 3: Mariann Martin(30) 32pts

CSS = 73

24th September - Hamper

Winner: Elaine Kinsella(19) 38pts
Second: Geraldine McNally(24) 38pts

CSS = 72

23rd September - Stableford

Winner: Geraldine McNally(24) 33pts

CSS = 75

19th September - Stableford

Winner: Imelda O'Shea(11) 39pts (B9)
Second: Sandy Forsyth(14) 39pts (B9)
Third: Evelyn Tolan(10) 39pts

CSS = 72

17th September - Stableford

Winner: Elaine Kinsella(19) 40pts
Second: Olive Campbell(24) 38pts
Third: Barbara Kenny(15) 37pts

CSS = 73

12th September - Stableford

Winner: Evelyn Tolan(10) 39pts
Second: Frances Newcomen(30) 38pts
Third: Barbara Kenny(15) 37pts

CSS = 73

10th September - Terri Bellew Memorial Trophy

Winners: Murial Ennis & Mariann Martin 49pts
Second: Miriam Murphy & Phyllis Goodson 47pts
Third: Amanda Williams & Theresa Gannon 45pts

9th September - Strokes

Winner: Amanda Williams(14) 73

CSS = 75

5th September - Medal

Winner: Sinead Walsh(22) 71
Second: Maureen Moore(23) 73
Third: Frances Whelan(21) 76

CSS = 74

2nd September - The Captains' Charity Day

Men's Competition:
Winners: Quentin Hughes(5) & Adam Tolan(10) 56pts
Second: Sean McCormack(20) & Joey Hughes(11) 54pts (B9)
Third: Paul Ward(12) & Rory Slevin(6) 54pts

Ladies' Competition:
Winners: Carol O'Byrne(35) & Catherine Casey(36) 61pts
Second: Bernie Hunt(15) & Margaret Swan(27) 56pts

Mixed Competition:
Winners: Noel Sheehan(18) & Renate Sheehan(36) 57pts
Second: Jim Casey(14) & Muriel Ennis(29) 56pts

Nearest The Pin: Paul Dunne (98 cm)
Nearest The Line: Joe Shine (1 cm)

29th August - V Par

Winner: Sheila Gannon(27) +1
Second: Carol O'Byrne(35) +1
Third: Collette Guildea(12) +1

Div 1: Rachel McEvoy 0
Div 2: Mary Rowley(26) 0
Div 3: Beatrice McGee(32) 0

CSS = 72

27th August - Stableford

Winner: Rachel McEvoy(13) 40pts
Second: Amanda Williams(14) 36pts
Third: Mariann Martin(30) 35pts (B9)

CSS = 73

26th August - Adult & Juvenile

Winners: Evelyn & Fiona Tolan
Second: Kevin & Keith Campbell
Third: Philip & Emma Tracey

26th August - Stableford

Winner: Sandy Forsyth(15) 39pts
Second: Helen Tarrant(21) 36pts

CSS = 73

22nd August - 9 Hole Stableford

Winner: Geraldine McNally(25) 21pts
Second: Collette Guildea(12) 20pts
Third: Maureen Moore(23) 19pts

20th August - President's (Muriel Ennis) Prize

Winner: Orla Rooney(24) 41pts
Runner Up: Jeud Ennis(29) 46pts*
Third: Bernie Hunt(15) 36pts
Fourth: Jean McDonagh(27) 36pts

Gross: Lorna Fitzsimons(8) 25pts

Div 1:
1st: Deirdre Foran(13) 35pts
2nd: Maura Faughnan(20) 33pts
3rd: Evelyn Tolan(10) 33pts

Div 2:
1st: Sandra Downes(24) 33pts
2nd: Maureen Moore(23) 33pts
3rd: Jackie Clarke(26) 33pts

Div 3:
1st: Miriam Murphy(36) 32pts
2nd: Margaret Ryan(30) 30pts
3rd: Renate Sheehan(36) 28pts

CSS = 74

*Best score of the day was 46pts, but as per conditions
of competition, you have to be in the club a year to win a major.

15th August - Peg Dunne Trophy

Winner: Geraldine McNally(26) 41pts
Second: Maureen Moore(24) 39pts

Div 1: Amanda Williams(13) 36pts (B9)
Div 2: Gemma O'Connor(26) 36pts
Div 3: Patricia Rooney(33) 36pts

CSS = 73

13th August - Medal

Winner: Evelyn Tolan(11) 71
Second: Helen Tarrant(22) 72

CSS = 73

12th August - Stableford

Winner: Phyllis Goodson(25) 45pts

8th August - Invitation 3 Lady Team Event (Sponsor: Owen Sweetman)

Winner: Bernie Hunt, Maureen Moore & Ann Griffin 98pts
Second: Esther McConnell, Miriam Murphy & Phyllis Goodson 86pts
Third: Barbara Kenny, Gemma O'Connor & Mary Halligan 85pts

1st August - Stableford (Sponsor: Hanley & Co. Life Limited)

Winner: Teresa Murphy(36) 41pts
Second: Collette Guildea(13) 39pts
Third: Amanda Williams(14) 37pts

Gross: Lorna Fitzsimons(8) 29pts

Cat 1: Sandy Forsyth(14) 34pts
Cat 2: Maureen Moore(24) 34pts
Cat 3: Mariann Martin(30) 31pts

CSS = 74

30th July - Stableford

Winner: Marion Behan(22) 38pts
Second: Lorna Fitzsimons(8) 37pts

29th July - Stableford

Winner: Miriam Murphy(36) 37pts
Second: Sinead Walsh(22) 37pts
Third: Jackie Clarke(26) 36pts

CSS = 73

23rd July - Captain's (Peter Slevin) Prize to Ladies

Winner: Brenda Johnston(29) 40pts
Runner Up: Jeud Ennis(30) 37pts
Third: Patricia Rooney(33) 37pts
Fourth: Muriel Ennis(30) 37pts

Gross: Marian Griffin(10) 25pts

Div 1:
1st: Collette Guildea(13) 36pts
2nd: Bernie Lewis(13) 35pts

Div 2:
1st: Gemma O'Connor(26) 35pts
2nd: Sinead Walsh(22) 34pts

Div 3:
1st: Mairead Finucane(30) 31pts
2nd: Teresa Murphy(36) 31pts

CSS = 74

18th July - Medal

Winner: Helen Tarrant(23) 70
Second: Frances Newcomen(31) 72
Third: Imelda O'Shea(12) 72

Div 1: Amanda Williams(14) 72
Div 2: Moya O'Connor(21) 73
Div 3: Phyllis Goodson(35) 73

CSS = 73

15th July - Stableford

Winner: Yvonne Nolan(24) 38pts
Second: Ann Griffin(29) 38pts

CSS = 73

11th July - Sile Fitzgerald Trophy

Winner: A. McEvoy / P. Goodson 70
Second: S. Forsyth / R. Sheehan 70
Third: M. Faughnan / B. Magee 70

9th July - Stableford

Winner: Marie White(29) 40pts
Second: Brenda Johnston(29) 35pts

CSS = 74

8th July - Stableford

Winner: Amanda Williams(14) 38pts
Second: Phyllis Goodson(35) 36pts

CSS = 72

4th July - PGA Tankard

Winner: Jean McDonough(29) 42pts
Second: Laura Cody(11) 40pts
Third: Anne McEvoy(11) 38pts

Div 1 - 1st: Rachel McEvoy(13) 37pts
Div 1 - 2nd: Gillian Whelan(12) 37pts

Div 2 - 1st: Aileen Noonan(27) 37pts
Div 2 - 2nd: Ann Griffin(28) 36pts

Div 3 - 1st: Rita Browne(35) 34pts
Div 3 - 2nd: Carol O'Byrne(35) 33pts

CSS = 73

1st July - Strokes

Winner: Lorna Fitzsimons(8) 73

CSS = 74

27th June - Professional's (Nigel Howley) Prize to Ladies

Winner: Helen Tarrant(24) 41pts
Second: Maura Faughnan(20) 38pts
Third: Renate sheehan(36) 37pts

Gross: Gillian Whelan(12) 25pts

Cat 1: Sandy Forsyth(14) 35pts
Cat 2: Moya O'Connor(21) 37pts
Cat 3: Rose Taylor(36) 34pts

CSS = 73

25th June - Stableford

Winner: Catherine Guinan(29) 40pts
Second: Geraldine McNally(26) 39pts
Third: Ann Griffin(29) 38pts (C/B)

24th June - Stableford (9 Holes)

Winner: Carol Malone(36) 20pts

20th June - Medal

Winner: Brenda Johnston(32) 68
Second: Ann Brennan(27) 69
Third: Deirdre Foran(12) 72

Cat 1: Mary O'Neill(20) 75
Cat 2: Muriel Ennis(29) 73
Cat 3: Marian Benton(34) 73

CSS = 73

17th June - Lady Captain's (Bernie Hunt) Prize

Winner: Fiona Flanigan(19) 71
Runner Up: Sandy Forsyth(14) 72
Third: Bernie Lewis(13) 72
Fourth: Marian Benton(35) 73
Fifth: Evelyn Flood(31) 73

Gross: Lorna Fitzsimons(8) 82

Div 1:
1st: Gillian Whelan(12) 74
2nd: Collette Guildea(12) 76
3rd: Maura Faughnan(20) 77

Div 2:
1st: Geraldine McNally(26) 74
2nd: Mary Rowley(26) 74
3rd: Joan Tully(24) 74

Div 3:
1st: Melanie Andrews(36) 74
2nd: Mariann Martin(30) 74
3rd: Teresa Murphy(36) 74

CSS = 73

16th June - The Eileen Richardson Memorial Trophy (Sponsor: The Richardson Family)

1st: Brenda Johnston & Sam Johnston
2nd: Noreen Keeling & Ivon Keeling
3rd: Rachel McEvoy & Jim Casey

11th June - Strokes

1st: Deirdre Foran(13) 74
2nd: Maura Faughnan(20) 75

CSS = 75

10th June - Stableford

1st: Lorna Fitzsimons(8) 34pts
2nd: Sandy Forsyth(14) 33pts

6th June - Stableford

1st: Elaine Whelan(17) 37pts
2nd: Anne Carton(28) 36pts
3rd: Teresa Murphy(36) 36pts

28th May - Stableford (9 Holes)

1st: Mary Guest(36) 17pts

21st May - Stableford (9 Holes)

1st: Barbara Kenny(7) 18pts
2nd: Carol O'Byrne(17) 17pts
3rd: Veronica Hamilton(15) 17pts

20th May - Stableford

1st: Bernie Lewis(14) 42pts
2nd: Moya O'Connor(22) 39pts
3rd: Collette Guildea(13) 39pts

CSS = 73

13th May - Stableford

1st: Geraldine McNally(27) 41pts
2nd: Catherine Ryan(36) 38pts

CSS = 73

9th May - Skerries Exchange - Team Event

1st: Yvonne Nolan, Jean McDonagh & Phyllis Goodson 78pts
2nd: Ina Hudson, Renate Sheehan & Teri Ann Jones 75pts
3rd: Esther McConnell, Gemma O'Connor & Mary Halligan 72pts

7th May - Medal

1st: Lorna Fitzsimons(8) 73
2nd: Brenda Johnston(31) 75
3rd: Collette Guildea(12) 76

CSS = 75

6th May - Stableford

1st: Elaine Kinsella(19) 37pts
2nd: Maire Garland(36) 34pts

CSS = 73

2nd May - Ladies Vice Captain's Prize

1st: Sandy Forsyth(15) 40pts
2nd: Deirdre Foran(13) 39pts
3rd: Olive Campbell(24) 38pts
4th: Pauline Fraher(30) 37pts

Cat 1 - 1st: Noreen Keeling(11) 34pts
Cat 1 - 2nd: Gillian Whelan(12) 33pts

Cat 2 - 1st: Mairead Finucane(29) 36pts
Cat 2 - 2nd: Breegan Roche(28) 36pts

Cat 3 - 1st: Phyllis Goodson(35) 33pts
Cat 3 - 2nd: Frances Newcomen(30) 33pts

Back 9: Bernie Hunt(14) 20pts
Front 9: Geraldine McNally(27) 20pts
9 Hole Comp: Terri-Ann Jones(36) 9pts

CSS = 74

30th April - Stableford

1st: Collette Guildea(13) 38pts
2nd: Elaine Whelan(17) 33pts

CSS = 75

29th April - Stableford

1st: Grainne O'Connor(28) 36pts
2nd: Helen Tarrant(24) 35pts

CSS = 73

25th April - Open Team Event

1st: Rose Taylor(36), Joan Tully(24), Anne Brennan(26) & Jean McDonough(28) 106pts
2nd: Anne McEvoy(12), Olive Campbell(24), Una Donnelly(24) & Ann Neville(26) 103pts
3rd: Anne Carton(28), Rita Browne(34), Mary Ryan(31) & Olive Downes(31) 101pts

23rd April - Stableford

1st: Veronica Hamilton(31) 36pts (B9)
2nd: Lorna Fitzsimons(8) 36pts

22nd April - Stableford

1st: Evelyn Tolan(11) 39pts
2nd: Gillian Whelan(12) 38pts
3rd: Lorna Fitzsimons(8) 37pts

18th April - 9 Hole Stableford

1st: Patricia Rooney(17) 15pts

18th April - 02 Cup (April Medal) - Amended Results

1st: Lorna Fitzsimons(9) 69
2nd: Evelyn Tolan(11) 71
3rd: Carol O'Byrne(36) 72

Cat 1: Amanda Williams(13) 77
Cat 2: Theresa Gannon(28) 75
Cat 3: Teresa Murphy(36) 77

CSS = 75

16th April - Stableford

1st: Cathy Coghlan(29) 37pts
2nd: Veronica Hamilton(32) 36pts

15th April - Stableford

1st: Sandy Forsyth(15) 33pts
2nd: Collette Guildea(13) 31pts

CSS = 76 (R/O)

11th April - Easter Bonnet Competition

The winner of the 2017 Easter Bonnet Competition is Carol Malone.

Photos of the Easter Bonnet competition are in the Photo Gallery now.

9th April - Easter Bonanza

1st: Elaine Whelan(17), Geraldine McNally(27), Ann Griffin(28) & Breegen Roche(28) 101pts
2nd: Miriam Murphy(35), Yvonne Nolan(24), Jean McDonagh(28) & Phyllis Goodson(35) 100pts

4th April - Stableford

1st: Kathryn Copeland(34) 34pts
2nd: Helen Tarrant(23) 33pts
3rd: Amanda Williams(13) 33pts

Cat 1: Bernie Hunt(14) 33pts
Cat 2: Maria Lindsay(28) 32pts
Cat 3: Phyllis Goodson(35) 32pts

2nd April - Foursomes Qualifier

Winners: M. Martin / M. Ennis (29) 76

1st April - Foursomes Qualifier

Winners: O. Rooney / S. Forsyth (19) 73
Second: J. McDonough / C. O'Byrne (32) 83

28th March - Stableford

1st: Evelyn Tolan(11) 36pts
2nd: Joan Tully(24) 33pts
3rd: Jacqueline Clarke(25) 33pts

Cat 1: Gillian Whelan(12) 33pts
Cat 2: Geraldine McNally(27) 32pts
Cat 3: Frances Newcomen(30) 30pts

26th March - Hamper #4

1st: Anna Hannon(23) 35pts
2nd: Sandy Forsyth(15) 34pts
3rd: Lorna Fitzsimons(9) 33pts

25th March - Stableford

1st: Lorna Fitzsimons(9) 38pts
2nd: Elaine Kinsella(18) 34pts

25th March - Spring League Final

St. Andrews beat Pebble Beach

21st March - Stableford

1st: Geraldine McNally(27) 35pts
2nd: Frances Newcomen(30) 34pts
3rd: Carol O'Byrne(36) 33pts

19th March - Stableford

1st: Lorna Fitzsimons(9) 35pts
2nd: Anna Hannon(23) 32pts

18th March - Stableford

1st: Geraldine McNally(27) 32pts
2nd: Lorna Fitzsimons(9) 31pts

14th March - Australian Spoons

1st: Evelyn Tolan & Orla Rooney(16) 40pts
Gross: Noreen Keeling & Sandy Forsyth(13) 24pts

12th March - Stableford

1st: Geraldine McNally(27) 36pts

11th March - The Captains' Drive In Scrambles

Mixed Scramble
1st: Dave Brabazon(3), Paul Cox(5), Nicola Campbell(8) & Gillian Whelan(12) (Combined H/C:2.8)   57.2
2nd: Mark Farrell(6), Alan Williams(24), Amanda Williams(13) & Teresa Murphy(36) (Combined H/C:7.9)   58.1

Ladies' Scramble
1st: Evelyn Whelan(22), Brenda Johnston(31), Sinead Walsh(20) & Melanie Andrews(36) (Combined H/C:10.9)   66.1

7th March - Hamper #3

1st: Collette Guildea(13) 23pts
2nd: Helen Tarrant(23) 23pts

Cat 1: Mary O'Neill(20) 23pts
Cat 2: Margaret Ryan(29) 22pts
Cat 3: Miriam Murphy(35) 20pts

The Captains' Drive In Tee Allocations (Afternoon) - click here

4th March - Stableford

1st: Noreen Keeling(11) 20pts
2nd: Phyllis Goodson(35) 18pts

28th February - Spring League - 12 Holes

1st: Anna Hannon(23) 24pts
2nd: Amanda Williams(13) 21pts
3rd: Phyllis Goodson(35) 20pts (B9)

26th February - Spring League

1st: Lorna Fitzsimons(9) 19pts
2nd: Nicola Campbell(8) 18pts
3rd: Carol O'Byrne(36) 16pts

25th February - Spring League

1st: Muriel Ennis(29) 18pts (B6)
2nd: Bernie Hunt(14) 18pts

21st February - Spring League - 12 Holes

1st: Barbara Kenny(14) 24pts
2nd: Deirdre Foran(13) 24pts

Cat 1: Amanda Williams(13) 24pts
Cat 2: Geraldine McNally(27) 23pts
Cat 3: Melanie Andrews(36) 21pts

19th February - Hamper #2

1st: Nicola Campbell(8) 19pts (CB)
2nd: Imelda O'Shea(10) 19pts
3rd: Anne McEvoy(12) 18pts

18th February - Spring League #9 (Amended results)

1st: Geraldine McNally(27) 19pts (B6)
2nd: Helen Tarrant(23) 19pts
3rd: Veronica Hamilton(32) 18pts (B6)

14th February - 12 Hole Stableford

1st: Orla Rooney(23) 26pts
2nd: Elaine Whelan(17) 25pts

Cat 1: Noreen Keeling(11) 25pts
Cat 2: Theresa Gannon(28) 22pts
Cat 3: Melanie Andrews(36) 19pts

12th February - Spring League #8

1st: Melanie Andrews(36) 18pts (B6)
2nd: Sandy Forsyth (15) 18pts

11th February - Spring League #7

1st: Nicola Campbell(8) 21pts
2nd: Barbara Kenny(14) 18pts

7th February - 9 Hole Stableford

1st: Orla Rooney(23) 18pts
2nd: Amanda Williams(13) 18pts

Cat 1: Deirdre Foran(13) 16pts
Cat 2: Anna Hannon(23) 16pts
Cat 3: Kathryn Copeland(34) 16pts

5th February - Spring League #6

1st: Amanda Williams(11) 21pts
2nd: Anna Hannon(17) 20pts
3rd: Collette Guildea(13) 19pts (B3)

4th February - Spring League #5

1st: Imelda O'Shea(10) 18pts (B6)
2nd: Evelyn Tolan(11) 18pts (B6)

Cat 1: Elaine Kinsella(18) 16pts (B3)
Cat 2: Yvonne Nolan(24) 16pts (B6)
Cat 3: Veronica Hamilton(32) 18pts

31st January - Hamper #1

1st: Gillian Whelan(12) 27pts
2nd: Evelyn Tolan(11) 25pts
3rd: Anna Hannon(23) 22pts (B3)

29th January - Spring League #4

1st: Helen Tarrant(23) 18pts
2nd: Collette Guildea(13) 17pts (B3)
3rd: Amanda Williams(13) 17pts (B6)

28th January - Spring League #3

1st: Lorna Fitzsimons(9) 19pts (B2)
2nd: Barbara Kenny(14) 19pts
3rd: Veronica Hamilton(32) 18pts (B3)

24th January - 9 Holes Stableford

1st: Elaine Whelan(17) 19pts
2nd: Miriam Murphy(35) 19pts

Cat 1: Collette Guildea(13) 19pts
Cat 2: Joan Tully(24) 18pts
Cat 3: Frances Newcomen(30) 16pts

22nd January - Spring League #2

1st: Helen Tarrant(23) 19pts (B6)
2nd: Nicola Campbell(8) 19pts
3rd: Evelyn Tolan(11) 18pts

21st January - Spring League #1

1st: Theresa Gannon(28) 21pts
2nd: Amanda Williams(13) 19pts (B6)
3rd: Geraldine McNally(27) 19pts

17th January - 9 Holes Stableford

1st: Deirdre Foran(13) 18pts
2nd: Mariann Martin(29) 18pts

Cat 1: Evelyn Tolan(11) 17pts
Cat 2: Joan Tully(24) 17pts
Cat 3: Ina Hudson(33) 15pts

15th January - Stableford

1st: Barbara Kenny(14) 19pts
2nd: Geraldine McNally(27) 17pts (B6)
3rd: Anna Hannon(23) 17pts

14th January - Stableford, Temporary Greens (3/4 Handicaps)

1st: Barbara Kenny(14) 11 20pts
2nd: Collette Guildea(13) 10 19pts (B6)
3rd: Noreen Keeling(11) 8 19pts

10th January - Stableford

1st: Anna Hannon(23) 21pts
2nd: Orla Rooney(23) 19pts

Cat 1: Barbara Kenny(14) 16pts
Cat 2: Sheila Gannon(26) 16pts
Cat 3: Frances Newcomen(30) 14pts

8th January - Stableford

1st: Deirdre Foran(13) 20pts
2nd: Veronica Hamilton(32) 19pts
3rd: Lorna Fitzsimons(9) 18pts (B6)

7th January - Stableford

1st: Elaine Whelan(17) 18pts
2nd: Sandy Forsyth(15) 17pts
3rd: Eilish Hagan(36) 17pts