Lady Captain: Marie White
Lady Vice Captain: Breegan Roche
Honorary Secretary: Frances Whelan
Honorary Treasurer: Maire Garland
Competition Secretary: Maureen Moore
Handicap Secretary: Geraldine McNally
Ex-Officio: Beatrice Magee
Member: Una Donnelly
Member: Rose Kenna


Maureen Moore, Geraldine McNally



*Sandy Forsyth & Maureen Moore

*Denotes Chair

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Junior Cup: Collette Guildea & Orla Rooney
Intermediate Cup: Bernie, Grainne O'Connor & Cathy Coghlan
Minor Cup: Beatrice Magee & Mariann Martin
Challenge Cup: Elaine Kinsella & Sheila Gannon
Senior Foursomes: Mary O'Neill & Noreen Keeling
Junior Foursomes: Frances Newcomen & Maureen Walsh
Senior Cup: Sandy Forsyth & Orla Rooney
Revive Active: Una Donnelly & Ann Brennan
Senior Mixed Foursomes: John McConnell & Orla Rooney
North Leinster Mixed: Sean & Moya O'Connor
O'Grady Cup: Mick McNulty & Anna Hannon
BBDI Trophy: Frances Shaw & Orla Rooney

ILGU Club Liaison Officer: Margaret Ryan
Teams Coordinator: Mary O'Neill


Foursomes Matchplay: Deirdre Foran & Carol Malone
Runners Up: Noreen Keeling & Orla Sullivan

Challenge Cup: Ann McEvoy
Runner Up: Sandy Forsyth

Platinum Cup: Cathy Coghlan
Runner Up: Moya O'Connor

Millennium Cup: Beatrice Magee
Runner Up: Marie Garland

Lady Captain's (Beatrice Magee) Prize: Nicola Campbell
President's (Muriel Ennis) Prize: Jacqueline Clarke
PGA Tankard: Val Grimes
Peg Dunne: Collette Guildea
April 02 Glass Trophy & Medal: Lorna Fitzsimons
May Medal: Lorna Fitzsimons
June Medal: Maria Lindsay
July Medal: Patricia Rooney
August Medal: Elaine Kinsella
September Medal: Lorna Fitzsimons
Birdie Tree: Lorna Fitzsimons
SSC Race 1st: Lorna Fitzsimons
SSC Race 2nd: Márie Garland
SSC Race 3rd: Maria Lindsay
SSC Race Class 1: Collette Guildea
SSC Race Class 2: Muriel Ennis
SSC Race Class 3: Carol Malone
Rings 1st: Amanda Williams
ILGU Silver Medal: Lorna Fitzsimons
ILGU Bronze Medal: Maria Lindsay
Silver Spoon: Lorna Fitzsimons
Hole in One: Jued Ennis & Ann Brennan
Round Robin: Ina Hudson
Most Improved Player: Máire Garland
Golfer of the Year: Lorna Fitzsimons

Mixed Foursomes - Nicky Ennis Mixed Matchplay
Winners: Pat White & Marie White
Runners Up: Paul Davis & Carol O'Byrne

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