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20-Jan-19 Sun Spring League / Spring League
21-Jan-19 Mon Seniors Open - Winter Series
22-Jan-19 Tue Stableford 9 Holes
23-Jan-19 Wed Swans 10.30am-11.30am
24-Jan-19 Thu  
25-Jan-19 Fri  
26-Jan-19 Sat Spring League / Spring League
27-Jan-19 Sun Spring League / Spring League
28-Jan-19 Mon Seniors Open - Winter Series
29-Jan-19 Tue Hamper #1 (12 Holes)
30-Jan-19 Wed Swans 10.30am-11.30am
31-Jan-19 Thu  
01-Feb-19 Fri  
02-Feb-19 Sat Spring League / Spring League
03-Feb-19 Sun Spring League / Spring League
04-Feb-19 Mon Seniors Open - Winter Series
05-Feb-19 Tue Spring League (12 Holes)
06-Feb-19 Wed Swans 10.30am-11.30am
07-Feb-19 Thu  
08-Feb-19 Fri  
09-Feb-19 Sat Spring League / Spring League
10-Feb-19 Sun Spring League / Spring League
11-Feb-19 Mon Seniors Open - Winter Series
12-Feb-19 Tue Spring League 12 Holes
13-Feb-19 Wed Juveniles 9.30am-11am / Swans 11am-12pm
14-Feb-19 Thu  
15-Feb-19 Fri  
16-Feb-19 Sat Spring League Quarter Final / Spring League
17-Feb-19 Sun Spring League Quarter Final / Hamper #2
18-Feb-19 Mon Seniors Open - Winter Series
19-Feb-19 Tue Spring League 12 Holes
20-Feb-19 Wed  
21-Feb-19 Thu  
22-Feb-19 Fri  
23-Feb-19 Sat Spring League Semi Final / Spring League
24-Feb-19 Sun Stableford / Stableford
25-Feb-19 Mon Seniors Open - Winter Series
26-Feb-19 Tue Hamper #3
27-Feb-19 Wed  
28-Feb-19 Thu  
01-Mar-19 Fri  
02-Mar-19 Sat Spring League Final / Spring League Final
03-Mar-19 Sun Stableford / Stableford
04-Mar-19 Mon Seniors Open - Winter Series
05-Mar-19 Tue Stableford 12 holes
06-Mar-19 Wed Swans 10.30am-11.30am
07-Mar-19 Thu  
08-Mar-19 Fri  
09-Mar-19 Sat Captains' Scramble 8am & 2pm (Drive In at 1.15pm)
10-Mar-19 Sun Stableford / Hamper #4
11-Mar-19 Mon Seniors Open - Winter Series
12-Mar-19 Tue Stableford
13-Mar-19 Wed  
14-Mar-19 Thu  
15-Mar-19 Fri  
16-Mar-19 Sat Society 11am-12pm / Foursomes Qualifier / Foursomes
17-Mar-19 Sun Foursomes Qualifier / Foursomes
18-Mar-19 Mon Bank Holiday Open
19-Mar-19 Tue Stableford
20-Mar-19 Wed  
21-Mar-19 Thu  
22-Mar-19 Fri  
23-Mar-19 Sat Society 11am-12pm / Fourball Qualfier / Stableford
24-Mar-19 Sun Fourball Qualfier / Stableford
25-Mar-19 Mon Seniors Open - Winter Series
26-Mar-19 Tue Stableford
27-Mar-19 Wed Juveniles 9:30am-10.30am
28-Mar-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
29-Mar-19 Fri  
30-Mar-19 Sat Society 10am-11am / Society 11am-12pm / Stableford / Stableford
31-Mar-19 Sun Stableford / Stableford
01-Apr-19 Mon Senior Open
02-Apr-19 Tue Aussie Spoons (Charity Day)
03-Apr-19 Wed Juveniles 9am-10am / Bunnies
04-Apr-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
05-Apr-19 Fri Mixed Invitation 4pm-6pm
06-Apr-19 Sat Stableford / Stableford
07-Apr-19 Sun Stableford / Stableford
08-Apr-19 Mon Senior Open
09-Apr-19 Tue Stableford (Sponsor:)
10-Apr-19 Wed  
11-Apr-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
12-Apr-19 Fri Society 10.30am-12.30pm
13-Apr-19 Sat Society 10am-11am / Holmpatrick Qualifier Fourball / Stableford
14-Apr-19 Sun Stableford / Easter Bonanza (12pm-2pm)
15-Apr-19 Mon Senior Open
16-Apr-19 Tue Easter Bonanza (Shotgun Start) 9.30am-12.30pm
17-Apr-19 Wed  
18-Apr-19 Thu Men's Open Competition
19-Apr-19 Fri Good Friday - Society 9am-10.30am
20-Apr-19 Sat Medal (Sponsor:) / Strokes
21-Apr-19 Sun Stableford / Stableford
22-Apr-19 Mon Bank Holiday Open
23-Apr-19 Tue O2 Medal
24-Apr-19 Wed  
25-Apr-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
26-Apr-19 Fri Mixed Invitation 4pm-6pm
27-Apr-19 Sat Molony Cup Qualifier / Stableford
28-Apr-19 Sun Molony Cup Qualifier / Stableford
29-Apr-19 Mon Senior Open
30-Apr-19 Tue Lady Vice Captain's (Breegen Roche) Prize
01-May-19 Wed  
02-May-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
03-May-19 Fri  
04-May-19 Sat Society 10am-11am / Stableford / Stableford
05-May-19 Sun Medal (Sponsor:) / Medal
06-May-19 Mon Bank Holiday Open
07-May-19 Tue Skerries Exchange
08-May-19 Wed  
09-May-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
10-May-19 Fri Society 12pm-12.40pm / Society 12.40pm-2.40pm  / Mixed Invitation 4pm-6pm
11-May-19 Sat Society 10.30am-11.45am / Society 11.45am-12.45pm / Stableford / Stableford
12-May-19 Sun PGA Tankard / Stableford
13-May-19 Mon Senior Open / Visiting Lady Captains' Day 10am-11am
14-May-19 Tue Stableford (Sponsor:)
15-May-19 Wed  
16-May-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
17-May-19 Fri Bunny Casey 2pm-4pm
18-May-19 Sat President's (Padraig Faughnan) Prize to Men / Stableford (pm)
19-May-19 Sun Lions Club
20-May-19 Mon Senior Open
21-May-19 Tue Stableford (Sponsor:)
22-May-19 Wed  
23-May-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
24-May-19 Fri Society 2pm - 3:30pm / Mixed Invitation 5pm-7pm
25-May-19 Sat Society 10am-12pm / Society 12pm-12.30pm / Stableford / Stableford
26-May-19 Sun Minor & Intermediate Scratch Cups (Sponsor:)
27-May-19 Mon Senior Open
28-May-19 Tue Pink Day (Open Charity Day)
29-May-19 Wed Bunnies
30-May-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
31-May-19 Fri Festival Weekend -
01-Jun-19 Sat Festival Weekend -
02-Jun-19 Sun Festival Weekend -
03-Jun-19 Mon Festival Weekend -
04-Jun-19 Tue Ladies Open
05-Jun-19 Wed Juveniles 9.30am-11am
06-Jun-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
07-Jun-19 Fri Past Captains
08-Jun-19 Sat Society 10am-11am / Society 11am-12pm / Stableford / Stableford
09-Jun-19 Sun Strokes (CQ1) / Strokes
10-Jun-19 Mon Senior Open
11-Jun-19 Tue Bridgestone Fourball Open
12-Jun-19 Wed Juveniles 9.30am-11am / Bunnies
13-Jun-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
14-Jun-19 Fri Society 1.30pm-3pm / Mixed Invitation 4pm-7.30pm (Eileen Richardson Memorial)
15-Jun-19 Sat Medal (Sponsor:) (CQ 2) / Strokes
16-Jun-19 Sun Stableford / Stableford / ILGU 2pm-5pm
17-Jun-19 Mon Senior Open
18-Jun-19 Tue Medal
19-Jun-19 Wed Juveniles 9.30am-11am
20-Jun-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
21-Jun-19 Fri  
22-Jun-19 Sat Lady Captain's (Marie White) Prize
23-Jun-19 Sun Stableford (CQ3) / Stableford
24-Jun-19 Mon Senior Open
25-Jun-19 Tue Stableford
26-Jun-19 Wed Captain's (Pat Kinsella) Prize to Juveniles 9.30am-11am / Bunnies
27-Jun-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
28-Jun-19 Fri Mixed Invitation 5pm-7pm
29-Jun-19 Sat Lady Captain's (Marie White) Prize to Men / Stableford (pm)
30-Jun-19 Sun Medal (Sponsor:)
01-Jul-19 Mon Senior Open
02-Jul-19 Tue PGA Tankard
03-Jul-19 Wed Juveniles 9.30am-11am
04-Jul-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
05-Jul-19 Fri O'Dwyers GAA 1.30pm-5pm
06-Jul-19 Sat Society 10am-11am / Society 11am-12.30pm / Stableford / Stableford
07-Jul-19 Sun Stableford / Ladies Open Singles from 1pm (Sponsor:)
08-Jul-19 Mon Senior Open
09-Jul-19 Tue Sile Fitzgerald Trophy
10-Jul-19 Wed Juveniles 9.30am-11am / Bunnies Captain's Day
11-Jul-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
12-Jul-19 Fri Cricket Club 2pm-4pm / Mixed Invitation 5pm-7pm
13-Jul-19 Sat Society 10am-11am / Society 11am-12pm / Stableford (CQ4) / Stableford
14-Jul-19 Sun Senior & Junior Scratch Cups 36 Holes (Sponsor:)
15-Jul-19 Mon Senior Open
16-Jul-19 Tue Professional's (Nigel Howley) Prize to Ladies
17-Jul-19 Wed Professional's (Nigel Howley) Prize to Juveniles 9.30am-11am
18-Jul-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
19-Jul-19 Fri Rugby Club 2pm-5pm
20-Jul-19 Sat The Captain's (Pat Kinsella) Prize
21-Jul-19 Sun Stableford / Stableford
22-Jul-19 Mon Senior Open
23-Jul-19 Tue Medal
24-Jul-19 Wed Lady Captain's (Marie White) Prize to Juveniles 9.30am-11am / Bunnies
25-Jul-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
26-Jul-19 Fri Society 1.30pm-2.45pm / Mixed Invitation 5pm-7pm
27-Jul-19 Sat Medal / Strokes
28-Jul-19 Sun Stableford / Captain's (Pat Kinsella) Prize to Ladies
29-Jul-19 Mon Senior Open
30-Jul-19 Tue Open Scramble Team Event
31-Jul-19 Wed Juveniles 9.30am-11am
01-Aug-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
02-Aug-19 Fri Festival Weekend -
03-Aug-19 Sat Festival Weekend -
04-Aug-19 Sun Festival Weekend -
05-Aug-19 Mon Festival Weekend -
06-Aug-19 Tue Invitation Team of 3
07-Aug-19 Wed Juvenile Captains' (Aaron Vickers & Kim Dalton) Prize to Juveniles 9.30am-11am / Bunnies
08-Aug-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
09-Aug-19 Fri Remember Us 10am-5pm
10-Aug-19 Sat Stableford / Walls Cup 1.30pm
11-Aug-19 Sun Medal (Sponsor:) / Medal
12-Aug-19 Mon Senior Open
13-Aug-19 Tue Peg Dunne Trophy Stableford
14-Aug-19 Wed President's (Padraig Faughnan) Prize to Juveniles 9.30am-11am
15-Aug-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
16-Aug-19 Fri Society 10.30am-12.45pm
17-Aug-19 Sat Professional's (Nigel Howley) Prize to Men / Stableford
18-Aug-19 Sun Stableford / President's (Padraig Faughnan) Prize to Ladies 11.30am-3.30pm
19-Aug-19 Mon Hollow Coring
20-Aug-19 Tue Hollow Coring / 9 Holes Stableford
21-Aug-19 Wed Juveniles 9.30am-11am / Bunnies
22-Aug-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
23-Aug-19 Fri Mixed Invitation 4pm-6pm
24-Aug-19 Sat Stableford / Stableford / Adult & Juvenile 2pm
25-Aug-19 Sun Stableford / Stableford
26-Aug-19 Mon Senior Open
27-Aug-19 Tue Stableford
28-Aug-19 Wed  
29-Aug-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
30-Aug-19 Fri  
31-Aug-19 Sat The Captains' Charity
01-Sep-19 Sun Stableford / Stableford / NCBI Final 1.30pm-3pm
02-Sep-19 Mon Senior Open
03-Sep-19 Tue Medal
04-Sep-19 Wed Bunnies
05-Sep-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
06-Sep-19 Fri Bracken Court 12pm-12.30pm / Mixed Invitation 4pm-6pm
07-Sep-19 Sat Society 11am-12pm / Bracken Court Hotel 12pm-12.30pm / Stableford / Stableford
08-Sep-19 Sun Stableford / Terri Bellew Memorial Invitation
09-Sep-19 Mon Senior Open
10-Sep-19 Tue Stableford
11-Sep-19 Wed  
12-Sep-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
13-Sep-19 Fri Bracken Court Hotel 11am-12pm / Society 12pm-1pm
14-Sep-19 Sat Vice Captain's (Barry Kenna) Prize to Men / Stableford (pm)
15-Sep-19 Sun NCBI 12.30pm-2pm / Stableford / Stableford
16-Sep-19 Mon Senior Open
17-Sep-19 Tue Stableford
18-Sep-19 Wed  
19-Sep-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
20-Sep-19 Fri  
21-Sep-19 Sat Stableford / Stableford
22-Sep-19 Sun Medal (Sponsor: Progressive Credit Union) / Strokes
23-Sep-19 Mon Senior Open
24-Sep-19 Tue Winter League
25-Sep-19 Wed Swans 10.30am-11.30am / Bunnies
26-Sep-19 Thu Men's Open Competition (Sponsor:)
27-Sep-19 Fri  
28-Sep-19 Sat Society 10am-11am / Society 11am-12.30pm / Hamper / Winter League
29-Sep-19 Sun Hamper / Winter League
30-Sep-19 Mon Senior Open
01-Oct-19 Tue Winter League Hamper
02-Oct-19 Wed Swans 10.30am-11.30am / Bunnies
03-Oct-19 Thu Society 10am-11.30am / Men's Open Competition
04-Oct-19 Fri  
05-Oct-19 Sat Society 10am-11am / Hamper / Winter League
06-Oct-19 Sun Hamper / Winter League
07-Oct-19 Mon Senior Open
08-Oct-19 Tue Winter League
09-Oct-19 Wed Swans 10.30am-11.30am
10-Oct-19 Thu Men's Open Competition
11-Oct-19 Fri  
12-Oct-19 Sat Society 10am-11am / Hamper / Winter League
13-Oct-19 Sun Hamper / Winter League Hamper
14-Oct-19 Mon Senior Open
15-Oct-19 Tue Winter League
16-Oct-19 Wed Swans 10.30am-11.30am / Bunnies
17-Oct-19 Thu Men's Open Competition
18-Oct-19 Fri  
19-Oct-19 Sat Society 10.30am-11.10am / Hamper / Winter League
20-Oct-19 Sun Hamper / Winter League
21-Oct-19 Mon Senior Open
22-Oct-19 Tue Winter League - Hamper
23-Oct-19 Wed Swans 10.30am-11.30am
24-Oct-19 Thu Men's Open Competition
25-Oct-19 Fri  
26-Oct-19 Sat Society 10am - 11am / Hamper / Winter League
27-Oct-19 Sun Hamper / Winter League Hamper
28-Oct-19 Mon Bank Holiday Open Competition (Singles all day)
29-Oct-19 Tue Winter League (Final Day)
30-Oct-19 Wed Swans 10.30am-11.30am
31-Oct-19 Thu Men's Open Competition
01-Nov-19 Fri  
02-Nov-19 Sat Turkey League / Stableford / The Captain's (Pat Kinsella) Dinner
03-Nov-19 Sun Turkey League / Stableford
04-Nov-19 Mon Senior Open
05-Nov-19 Tue Stableford
06-Nov-19 Wed Swans 10.30am-11.30am
07-Nov-19 Thu  
08-Nov-19 Fri  
09-Nov-19 Sat Turkey League / Stableford
10-Nov-19 Sun Turkey League / Stableford
11-Nov-19 Mon Senior Open
12-Nov-19 Tue Stableford
13-Nov-19 Wed Swans 10.30am-11.30am / Bunnies Bottle Bash
14-Nov-19 Thu  
15-Nov-19 Fri  
16-Nov-19 Sat Turkey League / Stableford / Men's Presentation Night
17-Nov-19 Sun Turkey League / Stableford
18-Nov-19 Mon Senior Open
19-Nov-19 Tue Christmas Bonanza Shotgun (Starts at 9.30am)
20-Nov-19 Wed Swans 10.30am-11.30am
21-Nov-19 Thu Men's AGM
22-Nov-19 Fri  
23-Nov-19 Sat Turkey League / Stableford
24-Nov-19 Sun Turkey League / Stableford
25-Nov-19 Mon Senior Open / Ladies' AGM
26-Nov-19 Tue Stableford
27-Nov-19 Wed Swans 10.30am-11.30am / Combined Clubs AGM
28-Nov-19 Thu  
29-Nov-19 Fri  
30-Nov-19 Sat Turkey League / Stableford
01-Dec-19 Sun Turkey League / Stableford
02-Dec-19 Mon Senior Open
03-Dec-19 Tue Stableford
04-Dec-19 Wed Swans 10.30am-11.30am
05-Dec-19 Thu  
06-Dec-19 Fri  
07-Dec-19 Sat Turkey League / Stableford
08-Dec-19 Sun Turkey League / Christmas Bonanza
09-Dec-19 Mon Senior Open
10-Dec-19 Tue  
11-Dec-19 Wed  
12-Dec-19 Thu  
13-Dec-19 Fri  
14-Dec-19 Sat Stableford / Stableford / Bottle Draw
15-Dec-19 Sun Stableford / Stableford
16-Dec-19 Mon Senior Open
17-Dec-19 Tue Stableford
18-Dec-19 Wed  
19-Dec-19 Thu  
20-Dec-19 Fri  
21-Dec-19 Sat Stableford / Stableford
22-Dec-19 Sun Stableford / Stableford
23-Dec-19 Mon  
24-Dec-19 Tue  
25-Dec-19 Wed Christmas Day
26-Dec-19 Thu St. Stephen's Day
27-Dec-19 Fri  
28-Dec-19 Sat Stableford / Stableford
29-Dec-19 Sun Stableford / Stableford
30-Dec-19 Mon  
31-Dec-19 Tue New Year's Eve